Hi everyone. This is my first post from my Android.

macro_thumbnailLast weekend was great weather in the Netherlands. Reason to try out my new macro lens. The result turned out to be exceptional.

See it for yourself here.

Nepal was as expected an amazing experience again. Even though it has been widely commercialized since I was last there in 2005 we had a great time there. It still amazes me how people can be so warm and open-hearted with so little. That is something we sure can learn about. I am trying to make some time free to process the foto's we took in Nepal. I have made more than 1600 pictures, so as you can imagine I need quite a while to go through them all. But, no worries I will post a selection of them. Until then.

 It has been a while since I last updated my website. That is maybe the disadvantage of working in ICT, coz you either have no time or no energy left to blog. Well, I have been working at the new company for almost a year now. The company is called Valor and it split from her mother company Superp a couple of months ago. So far I have been working on the BCM project in Arnhem. Interesting project but of course with its own ups and downs. BCM is the VOIP solution of SAP. That is something I have always been interested in.

Nowadays looking for a new house and I can tell you it can be quite a challenge to find a house that me and my girlfriend like within our budget. But we are made some progress, so hopefully we will find something soon. And that hopefully before our long holiday to Nepal. Something we have both been looking forward to for the past few months. October is always there.